Bethlehem and Jericho

Church of Nativity, View of Shepherds’ Field, Mt. of Temptation

Monday, Wednesday & Saturday

Drive through the Judean Desert and enjoy a roadside view of the Good Samaritan Inn. After a short stop at sea-level for a panoramic view, continue to Jericho, the oldest city in the world. Stop to see Zacchaeus’ Sycamore fig tree and proceed for an overview of Mt. of Temptation. Visit the Mount of Acient Jericho where 25 ancient cities were uncovered. (*cable car is not included). Proceed to the city of Bethlehem; visit the Church of Nativity and Manger’s Square; stop for an overview of Shepherds’ Field and return to Jerusalem.

Available Languages:

Please note

Tour to Bethlehem is available in various languages; Jericho portion in English only.

Passports are obligatory for this tour.
‎Entrance fees are included; lunches are not included.
‎Changes in the program are possible due to Holidays, force  majeure or circumstances beyond our control.
Bethlehem & Jericho Israel Day Tours are not operated during Jewish Holidays: Passover, Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur .
‎Modest attire is required for visiting holy places of any religion (men with head covering, women with shoulder covering; for both men and women – no shorts).
Comfortable walking shoes are suggested.
Bethlehem & Jericho Israel Day Tours are all conducted by government licensed guides and in luxury air- conditioned vehicles and buses.
‎Valuable belongings should never be left unattended in the vehicle.
‎Bethlehem & Jericho Israel Day Tours’ operator will not accept responsibility for any loss, injury or damage.

The tour will not be operated on Yom Kippur 19.9.2018.

Pick up

Netanya hotels from 06:30
Hertzliya hotels from 07:00
Tel-Aviv hotels from 07:20 to 07:50
Jerusalem hotels from 09:00 to 09.30; Saturday : 08:45-09:15

*Guests should be waiting at the earlier time indicated.
*Pick up may be delayed due to traffic conditions.

The tour is subject to Palestinian authority regulations.
Palestinian guides meet the tour only after border crossing.
Border crossing to Bethlehem may include short unaccompanied walking portion.
Change of vehicle is required upon entering Palestinian Authority territory.
Passports are required.

Location Bethlehem / Location Jericho

Sites Church of Nativity
Sites Shepherds’ field
Sites Good Samaritan inn
Sites MT. of Temptation

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